Violence against women

The Jordanian government imprisons women threatened with “honor” crimes rather than the male relatives who threaten them, Human Rights Watch said in a recent report.
Sory a 4 ans lorsqu'elle se fait exciser, en 1997. «Ma mère a cru me faire plaisir en "coupant" la petite. Je n'étais pas au courant», se défend le père de l'enfant.
Solicitors are afraid of being branded racist if they intervene to stop forced marriages, the Law Society has said.
The Ugandan practice of wedding dowries - known as the bride price - is to blame for much of the country's domestic violence, experts say.
The Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq is treating the fate of kidnapped women as an isolated phenomenon.
Amnesty International called on people in the Middle East and North Africa to support its worldwide campaign to Stop Violence Against Women.
Government-backed Arab militias are systematically raping and killing in Darfur region, says the UN.
La police béninoise a arrêté jeudi dernier à Yassira (environ 510 km au nord-ouest de Cotonou) une exciseuse ainsi que les parents de la victime, a-t-on appris samedi à Cotonou de source policière.