Violence against women

A PLAN to set up government shelters to house abused migrant workers could come into effect in the next three months.
Almost six years after announcing plans to establish a shelter for battered women, Ministry of Social Development officials said on Thursday that the first Family Reconciliation House in Jordan would open in less than a month's time.
The UK launch of a new report by the International Initiative for Justice in Gujarat.
The 2003 campaign theme is "Violence Against Women Violates Human Rights: Maintaining the Momentum Ten Years After Vienna (1993-2003)."
Sweden is planning to ban all marriages to children under the age of 18, regardless of their nationality.
The declaration calls upon governments to end child marriages.
Declaration sur le mariage de d’enfant.
Baghdad's female population is crushed by lawlessness under US occupation.
Le tribunal arabe permanent de lutte contre la violence à l'encontre des femmes a ouvert ses travaux vendredi dernier à Bayrout, sous le thème "La stabilité de la famille arabe et les codes de statut personnel."