Violence against women

Women Living Under Muslim Laws is partnering with the Stop Stoning Forever Campaign (Iran), the Research Institute for Women Peace & Security (Afghanistan), the Women's Intercultural Network, and the Women's UN Report Network to host a panel on stoning as an act of violence against women at the 57th Commission at the Status of Women at the United Nations in New York.This not-to-be-missed event will be held on Friday, March 8, 2013 at 2:30pm at the Church Center for the UN - 10th Floor, 777 United Nations Plaza and is open to the public.

وسط غياب مؤسسات الدولة و تكرر الاعتداءات الجنسية ضد متظاهرات في ميدان التحرير بالقاهرة، مبادرة "قوة ضد التحرش/ الاعتداء الجنسي الجماعي"، واحدة من أبرز المبادرات التي نشأت لمواجهة هذه الاعتداءات.

The 14th of February marked the day to end violence against women and girls worldwide! Across the globe women and men joined the One Billion Rise Campaign, taking to the streets, striking, rising and dancing to say enough is enough!

When armed Islamist fighters arrived in the northeastern Malian village of Haribomo near Timbuktu, one of the first things they did was sip sweet tea with the local imam. They then told him how they expected the village women to behave.

“The Islamists met with the imam and they said, ‘Let us tell you our rules’,” said Adane Djiffiey Djallo, a coordinator at Aide et Developpement au Mali, a Timbuktu-based non-governmental organisation. “They said women would no longer be allowed to go to work, to the market or wash in the river.”But the imam turned to the Islamists and said: “‘Let me tell you my rules’”.

“Women should be beaten every day," says Kamilla,* repeating the grim words of her deceased sister’s husband. At 19, he forcibly kidnapped her sister Kulipa for marriage. “The marriage was a nightmare,” recalls Kamilla, trembling from the memory of her sister’s suffering.The practice of bride kidnapping is widespread in Kyrgyzstan and is still considered by some as a valuable tradition.

تدير الناشطة السورية لينا الطيبي التي تعيش في القاهرة شبكة لدعم اللاجئات السوريات ومساعدتهن على التكيف مع الحياة في مصر، وتحاول إقناعهن بعدم السماح للفقر بأن يدفعهن إلى العمل في الجنس أو الزواج غير المرغوب فيه. 

والمقصود بمجلس شورى الإخوان هنا ليس مطبخهم الذي لا نعلم عنه شيئا وإنما مجلس الشورى الذي طالبت الثورة بإلغائه وصمم الإخوان المسلمون على بقائه ولم يتجاوز من شارك في انتخابه أكثر من 7% من الناخبين إضافة إلى تعيين 90 عضوا به من قبل رئيس نجح بالأكاذيب ثم قرر أن يكون مجلس الشورى هو الجهة التشريعية للبلاد ليمرر ما يقرره مكتب الإرشاد. هذه هي حقيقة ذلك المجلس الذي صدرت عن لجنة "حقوق الإنسان" به تصريحات بشأن حالات التعذيب الجماعية ضد المتظاهرات في ميادين مصر كفيلة بأن تحول كل أعضائه إلى النيابة العامة بتهمة التحريض على انتهاك أجسادهن والشروع في قتلهن..

Violence against women and girls is both a global and local societal ill—global because its perpetrators and victims are in every corner of the world, and local because its forms differ from one place to the next depending on specific cultural, political and socio-economic circumstances.

Srinagar, India Administered KASHMIR, SOUTH ASIA: “Justice has to and should be done.”; “Justice delayed is justice denied.”; and “Teach your sons not to harass rather than teaching your daughter how to dress.” – these were some of the recent slogans that men and women of all ages in Kashmir have been chanting to show solidarity with the victims of violence in the northern Indian Administered region of Kashmir.

The crackdown on Nuba Women Human Rights Activists in Sudan is escalating.  Khadija, Awatif, and Amira are all former or current detainees who have faced extreme psychological and physical torture on the hands of the Sudanese security forces! 

Khadija Mohamed Badr, a Nuba woman, was put into detention in Kadugli on November 11, 2012 in the course of a large campaign of arrests of Nuba women in late 2012. Khadija was detained with more than 30 other women because of her suspected relationship with the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army/North-SPLM/N and their activities in the Nuba mountains.