Sexual/reproductive rights & health

America's religious right has scored its first legislative victory since George Bush's re-election by inserting a clause into a spending bill to undermine state laws requiring hospitals to provide abortions.
Be it birth control or the Shah Bano case, the AIMPLB is leading Muslims up the garden path of obscurantism.
Un programme d’information sur le planning familial et la sexualité est menacé par la politique de l'abstinence prônée par l'administration Bush.
2004 campaign theme "For the Health of Women, For the Health of the World: No More Violence."
The first extensive examination of laws and policies that influence women’s reproductive health in five countries of the region: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
A compilation of some of the planned activities of members and supporters of Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights 'Women's Access To Health' Campaign.
Le site offre des informations sur l’ALCS et d’autres associations, un forum de discussion, un dossier VIH/ IST/ Hépatites/ accès aux traitements, une revue de presse internationale et une rubrique "information" mise à jour.
An unprecedented worldwide public education effort to raise public awareness about the devastating effect of the bishops’ ban on condoms, sponsored by Catholics for a Free Choice.
Critics have said the decision suggests the Church values the life of an unborn child above the well-being and safety of a woman.
The patriarchal notion that women’s bodies and sexuality belong not to themselves, but to their families and society, is reflected not only in customary practices, but is also sanctioned by the penal and civil codes in all of the countries in the region.