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Religious belief has always been an important part of American life, but has it seeped into parts of the nation which should be kept secular?
UN, human rights and aid organisations were attacked along with the offices of the Women's Affairs Ministry.
In Iraq a barber works in a dangerous trade. Many have been murdered, beaten or forced to close their businesses by Islamic fanatics who accuse them of shaving off beards or giving Western-style haircuts.
Dans de nombreux pays musulmans, au nom de certains préceptes coraniques, les femmes sont mises à l'écart de la place publique.
Current public and policy debates about "terrorism" often set up a sharp divide between East and West.
South East Asia's modernising Muslim societies still have some tough problems to solve.
Bangladesh's government has recently banned two fringe Islamic political organisations, accusing them of being behind a recent spate of bomb explosions.
After weeks of speculation, the education secretary Ruth Kelly admitted this week that she receives 'spiritual support' from the secretive Catholic sect Opus Dei.