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We have received news that on 3 January 2005, thanks to a large national and international mobilization of women's organisations, justice was done.
C'est grace à une énorme mobilisation des organisations de femmes, tant nationales qu'internationales, que justice a enfin été rendue par le tribunal de Biskra le 3 Janvier 2005 aux femmes attaquées, brulées, enterrées vives, mutilées, violées, lardées de coups de couteau, lapidées, etc.. le 17 Juillet 2001 à Hassi Messaoud and dans les villes du Sud avoisinantes.
Review of God's Brothel, a book by Andrea Moore-Emmett.
Nous venons de reçevoir une requète pour une action IMMEDIATE, pour faire pression sur le gouvernement algérien de façon à ce que justice soit rendue dans un procès qui doit avoir lieu le 28 Décembre 2004. Le procès aura lieu à Biskra.
We have received a request for IMMEDIATE pressure to be applied on the Algerian Government to ensure justice in a case that comes up for hearing on 28 December 2004. The trial is to take place in Biskra.
Religious bigotry, intolerance and the discourse of exclusivity are affecting the entire subcontinent, and not merely Bangladesh, argues Mollica Dastider.
City dwellers now enjoy new freedoms, but in rural areas old rules still apply.
Events in Iraq have shown that a war cannot be prosecuted against terrorists without giving some thought to what motivates new recruits to the terror cause.
Change is in the air for a new generation of Saudi Arabian women. Karim El-Gawhary speaks to some of the women at the forefront of change in the kingdom.
A gathering to celebrate International Women's Day in Tehran turned ugly as militia groups broke up what had started as a peaceful demonstration.