The papers relate to a variety of contexts and global issues: Afghanistan, Algeria, Austria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Gambia, India, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Palestine, Rwanda, South Africa, USA, Yugoslavia, Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender identities, multiculturalism, the Internet, as well as fundamentalisms in Catholic, Hindu and Jewish contexts.

Notre troisieme bulletin donne des informations sur la reunion d'elaboration du Plan d'Action du Reseau qui s'est tenue a Dakar (Senegal) en Juillet 2006, sur les succes obtenus avec nos recents alerte action urgente que nous celebrons et fournit des details sur nos dernieres publications.

Co-organised by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership & Women Living Under Muslim Laws the first two Feminism in the Muslim World Leadership Institutes took place in 1998 in Istanbul, Turkey and in 1999 in Lagos, Nigeria.

تعرض خطة العمل الثالثة الإشكاليات والتحديات التي تواجهنا في سياقاتنا المختلفة وتطرح إستراتيجيات وهيكل مرن من أجل مواجهة هذه التحديات.

In July 2006, Women Living Under Muslim Laws held a week-long Plan of Action (PoA) Meeting in Dakar, Senegal. Following our last PoA Meeting (1997), this meeting aimed to update WLUML’s thematic priorities, strategies and organisational structure to ensure that they match the needs, concerns and capacities of our networkers. The resulting Plan of Action document will serve as the WLUML network’s guiding document for the next five years.

Depuis quelques années, la codification du droit musulman de la personne (DMP) dans les milieux minoritaires préoccupe de plus en plus les militantes du réseau Femmes Sous Lois Musulmanes, du Bénin jusqu’aux Philippines et de l’Afrique du Sud jusqu’au Canada.