WLUML strongly urges you to join Iraqi women's efforts and take action to oppose the Iraqi Governing Council's (IGC) 'Resolution 137' dated 29 December 2003 that proposes the introduction of Sharia law in personal status matters and to cancel all laws which are incompatible with this decision.
Avec des déclarations quelque peu convenues sur «l'importance de la femme dans la société», trois représentants du Conseil de gouvernement irakien ont tenté d'apaiser les craintes de leurs concitoyennes, inquiètes de leur futur statut dans le nouvel Irak.
We would like to express our horror at the Iraqi Governing Council’s Act 137 dated 29/12/2003 that replaces Iraqi civil law concerning family law with Sharia law.
Une centaine de femmes, dont une ministre, ont manifesté mardi dernier à Begadd pour dénoncé une décision du conseil e gouvernement d'abroger le code de la famille en vigueur depuis 1959, considéré comme l'un des plus avancés des pays musulmans.
The Baghdad/London daily az-Zaman reports that there were widespread demonstrations on Tuesday by women against the order decreeing abolition of Iraq's uniform civil codes in favor of religious law, which they say "repeals women's rights" in Iraq.
It may not look much - a motley collection of bits and pieces, the bric-a-brac of daily life. But for a group of Iraqi exiles, they are their most prized possessions, each carrying a story of personal struggle, hardship and courage.
Baghdad's female population is crushed by lawlessness under US occupation.