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While Lebanon acceded to CEDAW in 1997, it placed a reservation on the article that stipulates that "states parties shall grant women equal rights with respect to the nationality of their children".
Under current law, Ehtimad Bensallah's children cannot obtain Moroccan citizenship because nationality is conferred by fathers and her children's father is a foreigner.
Conference recommendations on women's status in political movements following the parliamentary election from the Egyptian Center for Women's Rights.
The mysterious death of Samira Munir, a Norwegian politician, in Oslo comes as a chilling deterrent to Muslim women who speak out about the violence against women in their communities in the West.
Dismayed by election setbacks, the Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS) is learning the hard way that drains matter as much as faith when it comes to votes.
With Canada scrapping the traditional definition of marriage to allow same-sex marriage, it is understandable that some people are now arguing that it is time to legally recognize polygamy.
Maha al Douri took a radical stance when she decided to run for a seat in the Iraqi Parliament in December. The 36-year-old candidate on a minor Shiite Muslim slate put her face on campaign posters - and succeeded in raising eyebrows around the country.
We have received the following call for action from friends in Canada who ask that we write letters to Dr. Martha Bailey protesting her recommendation that the Federal Government of Canada remove Section 293 from the Criminal Code of Canada, thus, decriminalizing polygamy in Canada.
Sisters in Islam share the good news that, because of your overwhelming support and help in response to our previous appeal, the Malaysian government recently announced that it would put on hold the gazetting of the controversial Islamic Family Law (Federal Territories) (Amendment) Bill 2005. The bad news is that this non-gazettement is only valid for the Federal Territories, and not for the remaining states in the federation of Malaysia that have adopted these unjust amendments into their respective Islamic Family Laws. Since Islam is a state matter, it means that Muslim women living in these 11 states continue to be affected by its unjust clauses. They urge you to express your concern ...