[mili]women and peace building initiatives

Women are mobilizing women around the globe to call for an end to the occupation and the violence in Iraq. On 1 January 2006, with the launch of Women Say No To War Campaign, women around the world are asked to sign on to the Women’s Call for Peace.
Resolution (S/RES/1325) is the first resolution ever passed by the Security Council that specifically addresses the impact of war on women, and women's contributions to conflict resolution and sustainable peace.
WLUML networkers feature among the 1000 women for peace.
Les femmes, ces artisans de la gestion des conflits.
Though traditionally tolerant of women’s groups, the Karimov regime has been cracking down since the violence in Andijan in May. Women’s NGOs have been closed and pressure increased on activists.
It is women who have borne the responsibility of promoting reconciliation and healing at the local level. It is women who receive refugees and ex-combatants during war. Women should be at the negotiating table in Abuja.
Paper prepared for the Women in Black International Network Conference, Jerusalem/Israel, August 12th – 16th 2005.
Last week, more than 650 women peace activists from 44 countries convened in Jerusalem for the second International Women in Black Conference.
Many women could not travel to be at the meeting in Jerusalem, so this website allows you to follow discussions and participate and feel connected to those at the meeting.
This year 1000 women from more than 150 countries are jointly nominated for the famous Nobel Peace Prize. The official nomination was given to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Oslo in January 2005 & the names of the 1000 women have now been publicised.