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By recognising the right of religious institutions to interfere in the exercise of European public powers, Article 51 contradicts the principle of separation between public and religious institutions.
Sri Lankans must wonder if their patricians could ever be trusted to deliver on an opportunity to remake the country.
A report on the major defeat of the Islamist party PAS in Malaysia's recent elections.
وافقت الحكومة الكويتية على السماح للمرأة بالترشح والتصويت في انتخابات المجلس المحلي. ورحب مراقبون بهذه المبادرة باعتبارها خطوة اولى لمنح المرأة الكويتية المزيد من الحريات السياسية.
Première femme à se porter candidate à une présidentielle en Mauritanie, a officiellement déposé mardi soir au Conseil constitutionnel son dossier de candidature à l'élection du 7 novembre prochain, a annoncé la candidate mercredi à l'AFP.
Sisters in Islam (SIS) welcomes the decision of the government to appoint women to serve as judges in the Syariah courts.
The Gulf state of Oman has appointed a woman minister for the first time.
Ayant reçu le droit de vote en août 2002, les femmes de Bahreïn vont pouvoir participer à leurs premières élections législatives en mai 2003.
Saudi Arabia, which is revamping its judicial system, is considering opening the legal profession to women so that they can deal with cases related exclusively to women.