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This project was implemented by RADI to address discrimination suffered by Senagalese women in relation to inheritance and land ownership. Although women’s equal right to inheritance is recognized in the Constitution, certain interpretations of Muslim laws and customary laws continue to discriminate against women in Senegal.  The project was undertaken in the Senegal River Valley, using three strategies: (a) social mobilization, (b) capacity building, and (c) advocacy with decision-makers.

The mission of REDRESS is to obtain justice for survivors of torture; hold accountable governments and individuals who perpetrate torture; and develop a means of ensuring compliance with international standards and securing remedies for victims. They pursue their mission through casework, advocacy, and capacity building. REDRESS has been actively documenting and acting upon the situation in Sudan since 2003. They have a wealth of resources on issues of sexual violence and are part of a joint initiative on criminal law reform in Sudan. They are based in London.

ZWD is a community-based organization working to create sustainable agriculture initiatives for women farmers; prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS; eliminate the practice of FGM; and respond to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Darfur. A special focus of the organization is promoting girls’ education, especially in poor communities, and to provide capacity-building workshops for women leaders. ZWD has offices in Khartoum, Darfur, and El Gedarif as well as in the United States and has UN consultative status.

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