After weeks of speculation, the education secretary Ruth Kelly admitted this week that she receives 'spiritual support' from the secretive Catholic sect Opus Dei.
Coverage from Choike, which aims to give visibility to Southern civil society.
New guidelines are being issued for teachers advising them about the warning signs that a pupil is being forced into a marriage.
Pakistani human rights lawyer and UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion and Belief, Asma Jehangir, during her recent visit to Dhaka, was interviewed on the state of the religious minorities, specially Ahmadiyyas vis-a-vis human rights.
No existe un “choque de civilizaciones”: hoy el choque en el mundo es entre los fascistas y los antifascistas.
There is no such thing as the 'clash of civilizations': the clash in the world today is between fascists and antifascists.
What can we do to prevent a human-made disaster? by N. Shanmugaratnam.
WLUML will participate in the upcoming Feminist Dialogues (FD), a 2 day transnational meeting of feminist networks and organizations held before the World Social Forum.
Iran's hard-line judiciary has made a rare admission of error over a case involving Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi.
The conference, held in Manama, Bahrain, was the first to bring together human rights activists from all GCC countries and Yemen to discuss violence and discrimination against women.