To catch a glimpse of the future of this country, look for a moment through the eyes of teenage girls who are coming of age here in the capital.
The Muslim Personal Law Board (MPLB) has taken the bold decision to review practice of triple talaq in its next meeting in July, in Kanpur.
Change is in the air for a new generation of Saudi Arabian women. Karim El-Gawhary speaks to some of the women at the forefront of change in the kingdom.
Former NDP attorney-general Marion Boyd has been appointed to review procedures that would include the use of Islamic law to settle family disputes, the Ontario government has announced.
In June, a historic meeting took place in Morgantown, USA in which women marched on the mosque and created a national organization dedicated to reclaiming Muslim women's rights.
Occupation and rights violations are the main causes of violence against women, says UN expert following visit to Palestinian territories.
Changes are under way, and the focal point of reforms is Algeria's archaic family law.
The merits of monogamy and polygamy have come under vigorous discussion in Benin recently, with the passage of a law that encourages the first - but tolerates the second.
Turkish state universities have the right to ban Muslim headscarves, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has ruled.
The narratives and experiences of women (Jewish and Palestinian) to expose hidden stories of protest, resistance and cooperation of women, that were marginalized and obscured by the dominant "male/heroic/militaristic” version of events of 1948.