Radical Islamists have launched a new magazine publication on the internet especially for women.
Interview with Salih Booker, the Executive Director of Africa Action.
An international conference on female genital mutilation has ended in Kenya with a fresh call to ban the practice.
The Tamil Nadu Muslim Women’s Jamaat has been initiated by the muslim women who are victimized by the male chauvinistic one sided Jamaats.
As the debate in Canada on whether some of the Sharia provisions may be included in the legal code in the Ontario province, one Muslim community figure has declared that anyone who raises such questions is not a “real Muslim.”
Iraqi women face tough choices in their country following the US-led invasion and occupation.
Women's organisations urge progressive, pro-liberation forces.
The adultery law is part of a package of sweeping changes to the penal code, which include the abolition of torture and the expansion of individual liberties.
Patriarchal societies most often consider feminism to be a rebellious break away from culture and religious traditions.
Samira Bellil, whose book recounting gang rape she suffered as a teenager in a tough Paris suburb put her in the avant-garde of a small movement fighting for French Muslim women's rights, has died of stomach cancer. She was 31.