Religious bigots encouraged apparently by the ban on Ahmadiyya publications intensified aggression to the religious minority sect in a desperate bid to force the government to declare the Ahmadiyyas non-Muslim.
Police in the west African state of Burkina Faso have arrested 14 people for carrying out female genital mutilation (FGM) on young girls.
Apart from international efforts to "rescue" women in the Middle East, female activists in Arab countries have been toiling for decades for reforms that achieve concrete gains for women.
Earlier this year, conflict in Nigeria’s Plateau state, resulting in part from religious tensions, sparked concern about relations between Christians and Muslims in that country.
Political correctness has yet to stem the public use of language that reinforces very false ideas about Muslim people and Muslim contexts.
The country's Muslims in particular are going to greater lengths than ever to be seen to be dressing modestly. Now the Catholic Church has joined the debate.
There is an opinion that conclusion of the treaty of marriage predetermines the fact that the couple will eventually get divorced.
Three articles from the July 2004 issue of Communalism Combat.
City dwellers now enjoy new freedoms, but in rural areas old rules still apply.
Afghanistan's only female candidate for president has no money for campaigning and almost no coverage in the media. Islamic fundamentalists hate her, and instead of a political party to support her she has a group of students from Kabul University.