Political correctness has yet to stem the public use of language that reinforces very false ideas about Muslim people and Muslim contexts.
The country's Muslims in particular are going to greater lengths than ever to be seen to be dressing modestly. Now the Catholic Church has joined the debate.
There is an opinion that conclusion of the treaty of marriage predetermines the fact that the couple will eventually get divorced.
Three articles from the July 2004 issue of Communalism Combat.
City dwellers now enjoy new freedoms, but in rural areas old rules still apply.
Afghanistan's only female candidate for president has no money for campaigning and almost no coverage in the media. Islamic fundamentalists hate her, and instead of a political party to support her she has a group of students from Kabul University.
"20 years barakat!"* 40 years is enough.
A group called the Canadian Society of Muslims is testing boundaries by establishing the Islamic Institute of Civil Justice to apply the legal code called Shariah, based on the Koran, to settle disputes over property, inheritance, marriage and divorce.
The All India Muslim Personal Law Board proclaims that triple talaq is a social evil, but it is equally assertive that this social evil should not be removed by legislative reform.
Iraq's Christians are picking up the pieces after a series of explosions targeted five churches.