The first extensive examination of laws and policies that influence women’s reproductive health in five countries of the region: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
Iran's new parliament, sworn in two weeks ago, has nine female legislators, down from 13 in the previous body. Women throughout the country are watching this mix of mostly conservative legislators' approach to women's rights.
The Ontario government will review plans to use Islamic law to settle family disputes before the practice is set to begin in the province.
The judiciary is embroiled in a simmering row with Gambia over the best way to protect girls from circumcision.
When Britain's Muslim community requested the right to use Islamic law to settle family disputes, the government's refusal was unequivocal.
A set of short chapters edited and introduced by Professor Haleh Afshar of the University of York (UK), and Deborah Eade, Editor of the international journal 'Development In Practice.'
Short abstracts of two, recently published, controversial books.
In the first four years following Nigeria's return to democratic rule in 1999, at least 10,000 people were killed in communal violence across the country, but in recent months, these clashes have been notably less frequent.
A herstory of the historical evolution of the legal position of women in Islam by Prof Najma Moosa.
The Jordan Times says this is the third case of so-called "honour" killing in the country this week.