Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice (WIGJ, formerly Women’s Caucus for Gender Justice) has been established in The Hague.
Step across the Green Line in Cyprus and you defy the political leaders who seek to control movement.
Jordan is embarking on a radical reform process aimed at modernising the country's political system.
These are days of agitation in the desert kingdom, and perhaps no group is more determined to push the boundaries of change than the kingdom's well-educated and articulate women.
With just half a million Afghans registered since early December 2003, the process has a long way to go to enfranchise the estimated 10.5 million potential voters eligible to participate in elections this summer.
Why Muslim women and not simply women and sexuality?
As Iraqis wait for the establishment of a new constitution and judicial framework, so-called "tribal courts" are already administering rough justice in the south.
Calls for stiffer penalties to be imposed on those who allow and practice female genital mutilation.
The controversy about banning signs of religious and political affiliation in French schools.
Under a new family code, or the Mudawana as it is known, husbands will now have to go to court to make their repudiation binding and women will no longer be legally required to be "obedient" to their husbands.