The violence in Gujarat has still not ended. This is one of the conclusions of the report, "Threatened Existence: a feminist analysis of the genocide in Gujarat", by the International Initiative for Justice in Gujarat.
Judges will give legal sanction to disputes between Muslims.
A PLAN to set up government shelters to house abused migrant workers could come into effect in the next three months.
Almost six years after announcing plans to establish a shelter for battered women, Ministry of Social Development officials said on Thursday that the first Family Reconciliation House in Jordan would open in less than a month's time.
Muslim girls in France could be barred from wearing headscarves in schools after an expert commission recommended a ban on "conspicuous" religious signs.
The UK launch of a new report by the International Initiative for Justice in Gujarat.
An update and link to the Pas document on an Islamic state.
The World Court on War as Crime will listen to women and men mostly from the global south who have been victims of and survived wars and conflict.
Since September 11 and the focus on Afghanistan symbolized by the Taliban treatment of Afghan women, those working in development and advocacy in Muslim countries and communities have noticed a resurgence of interest in the topic of women and religion.
An interview with Hanadi Loubani, founding member of Women for Palestine, a feminist, anti-racist Palestinian solidarity group.