Une association féminine autonome.
SIS is a group of Muslim professional women committed to promoting the rights of women within the framework of Islam.
Dr Sima Samar, the chair of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (IHRC), will be presented with the Perdita Huston Human Rights Award on June 11 in Washington, DC.
An educator in Saudi Arabia is coming up with a book that seeks to correct false notions of women's roles in their society and how these notions are being upheld by a misinterpretation of the Qur'an, the holy book of Islam.
Muslim women working towards social change in South Asia.
La corporation des journalistes comme celles des médecins et des enseignants enregistre un afflux massif de femmes depuis la dernière décennie.
WLP creates leadership curricula for developing and enhancing participatory leadership skills, the kind individuals and organizations need for effective collaborative action.
An Approach to the Internalization of Human Rights in Family Relations in Islamic Communities.
Bad Jens aims to improve links between activists/academics inside and outside the country.
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