Sally Armstrong, Canadian author and journalist involved in the WLUML network, spoke at the 59th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women in March 2015.  Her talk, given to the panel session on political will and public will, focused on individual personal will as an important component in struggles for gender equality.

Journée Internationale des Femmes
Communiqué de Souria Houria
8 mars 2015

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Tabassum Adnan wants women to stand up for their rights.

That's a dangerous message to send where she comes from -- Pakistan's Swat Valley. And that's the reason she was just awarded the U.S. Secretary Of State's International Women of Courage Award.

“Some resistance movements are creating new gender relations as a primary part of their struggle and process for building a better world.”

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Egyptian WLUML networker, Kholoud El-Sayed has been announced as a speaker at TEDx Suez Canal University's first event, IDEUPHORIA.

Estayqazat, a Syrian feminist movement, seeks to empower women to accept and freely talk about their sexuality, which is a taboo subject in Syria's patriarchal society.

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WLUML networker from Mali, Mariam Diallo Drame spoke to France 24 ahead of International Women's Day 2015.

Samah Hadid is a global human rights activist from Australia and a member of WLUML's Council. You can follow her work @samahhadid.

As a human rights activist, I know too well the unwavering determination needed to defend the rights of society's most vulnerable and marginalised.

For many activists and human rights defenders, especially women, this struggle for freedom often comes with persecution, imprisonment, exile and political attacks.

Mariam Diallo-Dramé, President of the Association for Women Leaders and Sustainable Development (AFLED) of Mali, and WLUML networker, received the Medal of Merit, awarded by the Government of Mali in January. Here she talks to WLUML about her life and work.

أصدر الرئيس عبد الفتاح السيسي، قرارًا جمهوريًا اليوم الأربعاء بالموافقة على سحب تحفظ جمهورية مصر العربية على المادة 21/2 من الميثاق الأفريقي لحقوق الطفل ورفاهيته لسنة 1990 ، وذلك مع التحفظ بشرط التصديق.

وأوضح السفير علاء يوسف ، المتحدث الرسمي باسم رئاسة الجمهورية، بأن الميثاق الأفريقي لحقوق الطفل يقضي بأنه يحق للطفل التمتع بالحماية من كافة أشكال الاستغلال، والممارسات والأعمال التي قد تنطوي على مخاطر له، أو من شأنها تعطيل تربيته أو أن تكون على حساب صحته، ونموه البدني والذهني والروحي والأخلاقي والاجتماعي.

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