For more than three decades now, I have given these three words a great deal of earnest consideration: Islam, Gender and Justice.
Salma Qureshi, a computer programmer and British Muslim, tells the BBC of her ambition to become one of the UK's first female imams.
The aim of this initiative is to make known the emerging movement of Muslim women in favour of gender equality and to seek greater coordination between Muslim women and the international feminist movement. It will take place in Barcelona - 27-29 October.

The Unholy Alliance between some progressives and the fundamentalists has sought to take advantage of state policies of multiculturalism and the painful realities of continuing racial discrimination to demand special rights for the ‘Muslim community ’. But these special rights inevitably involve anti-women practices and highly regressive interpretations of Islam. They also unquestioningly presume that all migrants from Muslim contexts identify as Muslim.

An analysis of the history and the strains within a small Iraqi and non-Iraqi women's association in the UK.
The UN has been a galvanizing force for women in the past two decades, facilitating their efforts to define a comprehensive global agenda for peace and human rights, gender equality and women's empowerment, poverty eradication and sustainable development.
WLUML will be participating in the next AWID forum, where up to 2,000 women’s rights leaders and activists from around the world will debate the urgent question, "How does change happen?" from October 27-30, 2005.
La femme tunisienne célébrera, demain, samedi 13 août, sa 49ème fête nationale.
Muslim women in a small town in southern India have come together to form a community of elders or jamat, traditionally dominated by men. This is the first step towards their ultimate goal, building a mosque exclusively for women.
Le Henan est la province la plus pauvre et la plus peuplée de Chine : 100 millions d'habitants, surtout des paysans, dont beaucoup restent les oubliés de l'explosion économique de la côte Pacifique.
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