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Delegates deplore religious prejudice - Call for a united response across the whole community against discrimination and to promote human rights.

Many thousands in the Muslim community in Britain as well as non-British spouses of British Muslims may be in marriages or undergo divorces whose legal validity is doubtful in the eyes of the English courts and authorities such as immigration and pensions. This leaves them in a ‘married/un-married’ limbo, often referred to in legal terms as ‘limping marriages’. This publication includes articles on: British Law; Laws in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan; and European and International Law.

Despite the boycott of Holocaust Memorial Day by England's main Muslim organisation, some Islamic groups decided to commemorate the day.
She Who Disputes contains the direct words of over 200 women who set the agenda and spoke about a variety of issues, including the lack of voice and representation for Muslim women both within society as a whole and within their own communities.
The Safra Project has begun an online collection of personal stories of lesbian, bisexual and trans women to break the isolation of women around the world who are accessing their website.
Muslim women in Britain feel their views are being ignored because community leaders and male-dominated national Muslim organisations are failing to represent them, according to a recent government report.
For the past month a renewed debate about citizenship, religious freedom and gender hasbeen raging in Britain. Marieme Helie Lucas offers her perspective and throws down a few challenges to the "coward Left".
It is in all our interests to challenge those who wrongly claim to be speaking for Britain's minority communities.
A casenote on a recent House of Lords case on gender as a 'particular social group' under the 1951 Refugee Convention - including a striking dictum from Baroness Hale, the first female Law Lord.
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