"EXACTLY one month ago, the National Fatwa Council made a decision against women who dressed like men, denouncing it as haram. This has been met with anger, protest, and mainly, confusion, as to what exactly it is that the fatwa condemns."
Agression d’un jeune militant par un groupe fasciste dans l’enceinte de l’université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne (Communiqué)
Wearing headscarves and reciting the Koran, students at an Indonesian Islamic school look like ordinary women practicing their faith in the holy month of Ramadan, but they are actually transvestites.
Pour permettre aux travestis et aux homosexuels de pratiquer le culte musulman en toute liberté, une école coranique leur a été dédiée dans un hameau non loin de Jogjakarta, une ville de Java, relate le Jakarta Post.
According to The Virgin Daughters, one in six American girls now takes a "purity pledge", vowing to abstain from all sexual activity until they are married.
Join the authors to celebrate the publication of their new book – Sexuality, Health and Human Rights (Routledge, London and New York, August 2008).
The articles in the new issue of the Muslim World Journal of Human Rights, cover the theme of "The Transnational Muslim World, Human Rights, and the Rights of Women and Sexual Minorities."
The body of Ahmet Yildiz, Turkey's first suspected victim of a gay "honour killing," has been removed from the city morgue.
Quoique disent les "mauvaises langues" sur l’obscurantisme islamique, des intellectuels continuent de se battre pour la liberté de penser. La preuve nous est donnée par le "miel", un roman érotique digne des "mille et une nuits".
France plunged into a heated debate about its marriage laws on Friday after learning that a court had annulled the union of two Muslims because the husband said the wife was not the virgin she had claimed to be.
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