Le nombre de femmes portant le foulard a augmenté en Turquie au cours des quatre dernières années, selon un sondage publié.
"Nul ne peut juger mon action, je n’en suis comptable que par rapport à Dieu et à Lui seul."
SexPolitics - Reports from the Front Lines is the outcome of a project launched by Sexuality Policy Watch (SPW) in 2004: a transnational, cross-cultural research initiative that hoped to capture some dynamics of sexual politics in our time.
The authorities in Turkmenistan are clamping down on state workers who do not adhere to unofficial dress codes, say NBCentralAsia observers.
Recently, a Saudi woman filed for divorce because her husband had removed her veil while she was sleeping.
The British Journal of Sociology 2007 public lecture presents: "Sexual Politics: The Limits of Secularism, The Time of Coalition"; 30 October 2007, 6:30-8:00 pm; London School of Economics.
Sisters in Islam (Malaysia) is undertaking a nationwide research project on how polygamy affects the family.
More than 15 women groups attended a panel discussion during the Human Rights Council Sixth Session on 20 September 2007, to highlight the growing problem of forced marriages among women and girls as young as eight.
Opening soon: two plays from Adelheid Roosen based on the writer and director's interviews with Muslims living in the West. The complementary pieces, "The Veiled Monologues," and "Is. Man" will make their North American debut this weekend in New York.
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