Headscarves can elicit many questions. Shazeera Ahmad Zawawi, a 27-year-old female Malaysian Muslim, fields them all the time.
The country is seeing a sudden escalation of brutal attacks on what are being called the 'immorals' - homosexual men and children as young as 11 who have been forced into same-sex prostitution.
Please join us for a unique cultural and political exhibit ""Dress codes & modes - women’s dress in some Muslim countries and communities."
They are unlikely to grace any catwalk or adorn the figures of supermodels, but the latest in Islamic fashions got top billing from Iran's religious authorities in an exhibition and countering the influence of western clothing.
EuroPride 2006 was billed as a Pride of diversity. Watching the morning march, with its float of gay Muslim groups Safra & Imaan, and Beit Klal Yisrael, Black Lesbians UK, as well as trans, BDSM, & many other groups, the diversity motto seemed convincing.
To a passer-by, the dress and demeanor of Lilis Lindawati would have attracted little attention as she waited in the dark in this busy industrial city for a ride home.
You are invited to view the WLUML exhibition "Dress codes & modes - women’s dress in some Muslim countries and communities."
The international press has pointed at France on 2 occasions in the past 2 years: during the controversy around the so-called 'islamic veil' at the beginning of year 2004 and during the riots in suburbs [1] in 2005. These events are intimately linked.
At the turn of the nineteenth century, Europeans referred to same-sex relationships as the “Persian disease,” the “Turkish disease,” or the “Egyptian vice.”
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