[empower] capacity building initiatives and materials

La formation à la non-violence fournit aux organisations de la société civile (Civil Society Organizations – CSOs) des compétences et des concepts essentiels à la construction de la paix.
The film festival was held in May 2007 to "create a written and oral history of women in the cinema industry" with the intention of maintaining and improving relations between Turkish and foreign women film makers by bringing them together.
"Morituri te salutant" (ceux qui vont mourir te saluent), déclaraient, en prévision de leur ultime souffle, les gladiateurs à César.
La jeune réalisatrice libanaise Nadine Labaki signe un joli film qui parle de la condition des femmes dans une société très rigide.
Comment parler des femmes et de l’islam sans tomber dans les clichés? Le défi est de taille. Pourtant, la jeune réalisatrice sénégalaise Angèle Diabang Brener (28 ans), diplômée du Forut Média Centre de Dakar, l’a relevé avec succès.
"Human Rights Watch holds that internet empowers people in the exercise of their right “to seek, receive and impart information and ideas regardless of frontiers” and in the Arab region...the increase of users is one of the strongest in the world."
Women in the western city of Herat are flocking to literacy classes, which are transforming their lives.
The Egyptian director, Tahani Rashed, has highlighted through her documentary film "These Girls" the problem of street girls. The film has been awarded a prize at Cannes. Nelly Youssef conducts the following interview with the director.
The Middle East Centre for Women’s Rights (MECWR) is looking for volunteer fundraisers who are passionate about the work we do in our organisation.
The theme of the Institute is Human Rights, Human Security and Participation: Documenting Women's Experiences in Situations of Armed Conflict. The first phase of the Institute will take place in the last two weeks of October 2007 in Liberia, West Africa.
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