To a passer-by, the dress and demeanor of Lilis Lindawati would have attracted little attention as she waited in the dark in this busy industrial city for a ride home.
Solidaritas Perempuan Kinasih Yogyakarta (SP Kinasih), one of SP’s 13 community branches, has set up a Help Centre (known in Indonesian as ‘Posko’) for the quake survivors, especially women and children.
Rahima is a Muslim organization that advocates women's equality based on modern and democratic ideas. Instead of traveling from conference to conference, Rahima members prefer to work at the grassroots level.
The Muslim cleric who conducted the ceremony said it was legal, even though the pair had never met, reports the AP news agency.
Here it the text of an article attributed to Antara news agency entitled: "HTI calls for unity for caliphate"; published by Indonesian newspaper Republika on 3 September 2005.
Ever since Indonesia's highest Islamic authority, the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) issued 11 'fatwas' or edicts against liberal Islam, a fierce debate has begun raging in the world's most populous Muslim nation on what constitutes an Islamic society.
In what was widely seen as an apparent campaign against freedom of thought and religion, the state-sanctioned Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) issued a fatwa outlawing liberal Islamic thoughts.
Roger Hardy asks if the world's biggest Muslim country can shake off extremism and make the transition to democracy.
Adulterers, cohabiting unmarried couples and those who kiss in public could all become criminals if a new Indonesian penal code is approved.
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