Saudi authorities have arrested an activist who launched a campaign to challenge a ban on women driving in the conservative kingdom and posted a video on the internet of her behind the wheel, activists said. The YouTube video, posted on Thursday, has attracted more than 500,000 views and shows Manal Alsharif, who learned to drive in the US,driving her car in Khobar in the oil-producing Eastern Province.

Much attention has been focused on the process of radicalisation of young men in the areas of Pakistan that border Afghanistan. Peshawar, the town near the border between the two countries, is infamous for being the centre of a vibrant industry and trade in homemade guns. For more than two decades, violence has become the dominant currency of almost every aspect of life in this area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, once known as the North West Frontier Province.

Son film « Ni Allah ni maitre » qui sera projeté à Cannes le 18 mai lui vaut une campagne d’insultes et d’intimidations dans son pays. La liberté de conscience est-elle interdite à Tunis ?

شارك عدد كبير من النساء المصريات في مسيرة " لا للفتنة الطائفية " التي أطلت علي مصر بوجهها القبيح من حي إمبابة، للتأكيد علي قيم المواطنة والتسامح ولدرء الفتن التي شهدتها المنطقة ومناطق مختلفة في مصر بعد الثورة . ويؤكد المركز علي أن الأمر يعد محاولة مكشوفة لإجهاض ثورة يناير وتصفيتها من خلال استخدام النساء في أحداث الفتنة. ويشيد المركز بمشاركة المرأة في هذه المسيرة من كافة القوي السياسية وكذلك من نساء إمبابة اللاتي شاركن بكافة أنماطهن من ربات منزل، وموظفات؛ مسلمات يحملن الصليب ومسيحيات يؤكدن بهتافهن علي المواطنة الكاملة. ويري المركز أن مشاركة النساء في تلك المسيرة جاءت تاكيداً علي رفضهن لاستخدامهن، وتأكيدهن علي رفض استغلال الدين بإسمهن من منطلق المتاجرة بالدين من الجانبين . 

A large number of Egyptian women participated in a march entitled "No to sectarian strife" which appeared with its ugly face in the district of Imbaba. They participated in this march to stress the values of citizenship and tolerance and to prevent the strife that has been witnessed in the district and in many different places in Egypt after the revolution. The Egyptian Center for Women's Rights affirms that the incidents that happened between Muslims and Christians are a clear attempt to abort the 25th of January revolution through the use of women to fuel strife.

تعرب المنظمة العربية لحقوق الإنسان عن بالغ قلقها من التهديدات التي تلقتها الناشطة الحقوقية "نهاد أبو القمصان" مدير المركز المصري لحقوق المرأة، وذلك على صلة بمواقفها المدافعة عن محاولات العصف بمكتسبات المرأة بتصديها لمحاولات التراجع عنها من خلال ما تواتر من ضغوط تعديل قانون الأحوال الشخصية الحالي.

The Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR) expresses its deep concern at the threats that Mrs. Nehad Abo El-Komsan, the Chair of the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights, received owing to her defense of women’s rights regarding the attacks that attempt to eliminate women’s achievements by the pressure to amend the current Personal Status Code. 

Al-Qaida has confirmed the death of its leader, Osama bin Laden, and vowed veangance, pledging in a statement posted on militant websites that his blood "will not be wasted". In what is apparently the first official reaction from the militant Isamist group since Bin Laden was gunned down by US special forces troops who raided his hideout in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad, the group called on the people of Pakistan, "where Sheik Osama was killed", to rise up against their leaders. The group would soon release an audio message from Bin Laden recorded a week before his death, said the statement, dated 3 May and signed by "the general leadership of al-Qaida". There was no independent confirmation that the message was authentic but it was posted on websites through which al-Qaida habitually issues statements.

Three days after the enforcement of the French law that prohibits full face covering, and after the first women law breakers have been fined, international media focus on ’protesting Muslims’, while the voices of the vast majority of presumed Muslims in France are ignored. One has to raise issue with the absence of proper coverage by English language international media regarding the public stands taken by French citizens of migrant Muslim descent.

Pour de nombreux Tunisiens, le passage à une culture plus traditionnelle est incompatible avec la récente histoire du pays. Ils craignent que les acquis de la révolution ne soient perdus. Lors d'une manifestation organisée le 1er avril à Tunis, à l'initiative notamment du Parti de libération islamique, certains manifestants ont souhaité l'obligation du port du niqab et le retour à une vie consacrée au foyer pour les femmes.

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