Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni has been killed in the Gaza Strip by individuals identifying themselves as belonging to a small jihadi-Salafi group. The discovery of Vittorio’s body came after the Italian’s abductors had released a video announcing their demands and a deadline. In fact, it now seems they murdered Vittorio not long after his abduction. Vittorio was part of the International Solidarity Movement, whose members and supporters in Palestine/Israel and internationally are shocked and saddened.

C'est avec une profonde consternation que j'ai appris le limogeage de M.Jack Persekian, directeur de la Sharjah Art Foundation, ceci pour le “punir” d'avoir permis à un artiste invité à la Biennale de Sharjah, en l'occurrence moi-même, de s'exprimer en toute liberté. Dans la foulée, mon installation intitulée « Maportaliche/Ecritures sauvages » (It has no importance/Wild Writings) a été censurée. Je tiens par ce communiqué à manifester ma plus vive indignation face à ce procédé infâme, et à témoigner ma solidarité à M.Persekian et à sa formidable équipe. 

Even as the Arab spring unfolds across the region, I learned with profound astonishment that Mr. Jack Persekian, director of the Sharjah Art Foundation, has been dismissed as “punishment” for allowing an artist invited to the Sharjah Biennial total freedom of expression. I am the artist in question. My installation “Maportaliche/Ecritures sauvages” [It has no importance/Wild Writings] has been censored and removed from the Biennial. 

 ليس جديدا على الحكومة السورية أن تتاجر بالنساء تجارة بعض رجال الدين ممن باعوا ضمائرهم وقيمهم وإنسانيتهم ليشرعوا لذكوريتهم أن تستعبد النساء وتجعلهن مادة لغرائزها وتصوراتها المريضة. فهي قد فعلت ذلك مرارا وتكرارا. لكن المخيف اليوم أن هذه الحكومة بدأت تقدم "ثمن" المواقف التي أعلنها بعض أولئك، ويبدو أن النساء سيكن هن ضحية هذه المساومات، مثلما حدث في مرات سابقة، وفي أماكن أخرى!

It is not a new thing that the Syrian government traffics women like some religious figures who have sold their consciousness, values and humanity to enable their masculinity to enslave women. The government seems ready to do this again again. What is really scary this time round is that the government started to pay “the cost” of the attitudes taken by few of those religious figures, and it seems that women would be again the victims of this compromise in many ways.

القاهرة، 28 مارس 2011: تلقي المركز المصري لحقوق المرأة بقلق بالغ الخطورة حادثة محافظة المنوفية التي تعد  سابقة خطيرة في تحدي دولة القانون في مصر والتي تمثلت في حصار نحو 350 من السلفيين منزل سيدة  في مدينة السادات بالمنوفية، واقتحم عدد منهم المنزل وطردوها منه وألقوا بالأثاث في الشارع وأحرقوه وهددوها بالقتل في حالة الرجوع لمنزلها مرة أخري،  وكان ذلك بإدعاء ممارسة أعمال منافية للآداب، ولم يجدوا أحداًُ لديها في المنزل فأخرجوها عنوة وقاموا بعدة أعمال إرهابية، الأمر الذي يشكل تطورا خطيرا.

 (Cairo, March 28, 2011) The Egyptian Center for Women's Rights received the news on incidents in Minufiya governorate, for it witnessed a dangerous incident for the first time: 350 Salafis confronted the state law and surrounded a house of a woman in Sadat city, forced her out of her house, threw her house's furniture on the street, burned the house and threatened to kill her if she returned to her home. They did so claiming that her conduct was immoral and dishonorable. When they broke into the house, she was alone; they terrified her and took her out of the house by force. This is considered a dangerous incident, especially as it is not the first time something like this happened.

Ce document par Ziba Mir-Hosseini fait partie d’une étude transnationale sur les lois relatives à l’adultère, commanditée par Femmes sous lois musulmanes (WLUML). La tradition juridique islamique traite tout rapport sexuel hors mariage comme un crime. La principale catégorie de crimes de ce type est la zina, qui s’entend de tout rapport sexuel illicite entre un homme et une femme. 

A recent hate campaign has been waged against the London-based academic and imam, Dr Usama Hasan. He has been victimised, accused of apostasy and has received death threats for his comments on evolution and the woman's right to choose whether or not to wear hijab. The Board of the Muslim Women’s Network-UK ( strongly condemns the bullying and harassment of Dr Hasan. 

[Statement from City Circle] In recent months, it has been very distressing for us to watch Dr Usama Hasan, a core member of City Circle's management team who has also served with distinction as our Director, endure a nasty, intolerant campaign to remove him as an imam from his boyhood mosque and to cast him outside of the fold of Islam on account of views he has expressed as a scholar and a scientist in good faith and conviction.

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