CAIRO — I LOOKED on, astonished, as a man a few yards away told protesters that he would slaughter me.

He spoke resolutely and enthusiastically, and seemed utterly willing to carry out his promise.

The man, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, stood among thousands of stick-waving supporters, their beards long and their faces angry, as they chanted “God is great” and “Down with infidels.” They watched him make the familiar and menacing gesture of tracing his finger across his throat as he said, “We will slaughter Ibrahim Essa.”

The MBC series, which began at the start of Ramadan, includes some realistic and shocking scenes, said Cairo University psychology professor and family relations consultant Waliyuddine Mukhtar.

Eid Without Harassment - Media Statement

By Imprint Movement

'Imprint Movement and Anti-Sexual Harassment movement launched a campaign called "Eid without Harassment" which took place on Talaat harb square and street on the 9th and 10th of August from 4pm until 10pm. 

We divided ourselves between 3 teams; patrolling, awareness and operations. We spoke and interacted with bystanders on the importance of rejecting this crime and rejecting violence. 

As a young Egyptian woman who participated in the revolution and who has been involved with several women’s groups and initiatives that have proliferated during the past two years, I do not wish to talk about how great the participation of Egyptian women was during the revolution, how they were marginalized afterward, or how they faced violence and a setback in political rights and freedoms despite their numerous contributions. These are all issues that I am sure can be addressed by experts in a more holistic and professional way.

In November 2011, after I joined a protest on Mohamed Mahmoud Street in Cairo with a friend, Egyptian riot police beat me – breaking my left arm and right hand – and sexually assaulted me. I was also detained by the interior minister and military intelligence for 12 hours.

After I was released, it took all I had not to cry when I saw the look on the face of a very kind woman I'd never met before, except on Twitter, who came to pick me up and take me to the emergency room for medical attention. (She is now a cherished friend.)


سخني يا أم القتيلة ماء الغسل. بردي حرقة قلبك بماء الورد وأكثري منه في ماء الغسل الدافئ. حلي ضفائرها، انثري شعرها علي كتفيها. اسكبي دموعك علي جثتها وعلي مريلة المدرسة وكتاب القراءة والمحفوظات وعلي العروسة القماش وضعيها ليلة في حضنك لتشمين رائحة طفلتك فيها.أصلب ظهرك في وسط الرجال فأنت رجل من ظهر رجل، ألم تفعل ما وجدت اباءك عليه.وأنتم يا من تنتظرون خروج الجثة لتقيموا الصلاة عليها قدموا واجب العزاء وقفوا وقفة السند في الملمات والنوائب، واردعوا النساء لمنعهن من اطلاق صراخ المجاملة أو الحزن واللوعة.

لم تكن تطربنى كلمات الغزل التى يصبها الرجال فى آذان النساء، كنت أصد عيون الذكور النهمة دائما لما يسمونها الأنثى، كلمة أنثى ترن فى أذنى نابية مثل كلمة ذكر، «ذكر- أنثى» هذه أوصاف الحيوان وليس الإنسان، كانت أمى تقول لى منذ الطفولة: المهم العقل مش الشكل. كلمة جميلة ترن مهينة فى أذن أى امرأة ذكية متفوقة مبدعة فى عملها، كاتبة أو شاعرة أو طبيبة أو فلاحة أو وزيرة أو رئيسة وزراء أو رئيسة دولة.

دعت الثورة المصرية في شتاء‏2011‏ إلي اسقاط النظام المستبد الفاسد‏

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay on Thursday urged the Egyptian Government to take steps to ensure that the current version of a draft law on civil society organizations is laid open to careful examination by Egyptian and international human rights experts, and, based on their advice, is brought into line with international standards, before it is adopted by the Shura Council.

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