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Mayotte, an island territory between Mozambique and Madagascar, will also end repudiation, the traditional Muslim divorce, and raise the minimum marriage age for females from 16 to 18, according to a statement by the cabinet. "The ordinance puts a definitive end to inequality between men and women," Overseas Territories Minister Marie-Luce Penchard said. "There will no longer be a possibility to enter into polygamous unions as used to be the case." Existing polygamous marriages can continue, she added.

تبنت الحكومة الفرنسية رسميا مشروع قانون يحظر ارتداء النقاب والبرقع في فرنسا، بعد عشرة أشهر من نقاشات برلمانية وحكومية

 Rising tension over the burka has led to violent attacks, as the French cabinet yesterday approved a draft law to ban garments "designed to hide the face" in the country.

A new family law has raised tension in Mali. This controversial law, intended to give greater freedoms and rights to women, has been sent back to the National Assembly for a second reading after protests from Muslim radicals. These Muslim are threatening to make the country ungovernable if the law is enacted in its original form as voted by Parliament in August 2009.

Le projet de loi contre le port du voile intégral a été adopté mercredi en Conseil des ministres. Nicolas Sarkozy en a souligné l’importance dans un discours liminaire.
خسرت اللبنانية سميرة سويدان أمام الدولة اللبنانية، دعوى قضائية هدفت منها الى إنتزاع حقها بمنح جنسيتها لأولادها، وهم من أب مصري، حسبما صرحت كريمة شبو مسؤولة الوحدة القانونية في حملة "جنيستي حق لي ولاسرتي" في اتصال مع "بي بي سي".

French lawmakers unanimously passed a resolution on Tuesday asserting that face-covering Muslim veils are contrary to the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity on which France is founded. The non-binding resolution, passed 434 to 0, lays the groundwork for a planned law forbidding face-covering veils in public, including in the streets. One lawmaker compared women who fully cover themselves to "phantoms" and "walking coffins." The bill calling for a global ban on such garments goes before parliament in July. A draft text is to be reviewed by the Cabinet on May 19. A similar veil ban is in the works in neighboring Belgium.

ادانت منظمة العفو الدولية تصويت مجلس النواب البلجيكي لصالح قانون يحظر ارتداء النقاب في الاماكن العامة

يتحول شهر آذار مارس من كل عام إلى موسم للمرأة في شتى دول العالم، ففي الثامن من هذا الشهر يصادف يوم المرأة العالمي وهو المناسبة الرئيسية لمراجعة حال المرأة، ما حققته من مكتسبات وحقوق، وما بقي لها لتحققه من هذه الحقوق. وفي الحادي والعشرين منه يصادف عيد الأم وهو المناسبة الرئيسية للاحتفال بالمرأة في أهم صور عطائها.

A famous political online community forum is pushing for liberal MPs to submit a question to the Minister of Interior Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabah on why women wearing niqabs are allowed to drive without being fined. According to a law passed in 2006, women covering their faces are not allowed to drive cars in Kuwait, but this law has not been put into practice. The posted announcement on the online forum quotes driving safety as the reason for this incentive, and says that since other MPs are submitting questions which demand that the law be practiced and followed thoroughly, this is one of the laws that has been ignored for a while and, it insists: "It is about time that it is put into practice."

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