Law reform

In May, several Islamic Sunni groups and parliamentarians threatened to work against a draft bill, approved by the Kuwaiti government, which provides women with the right to vote and nominate in legislative elections.
Le 14 juin passé, l’Assemblée Nationale du Bénin a adopté le Code des personnes et de la famille contenant les articles amendés tels que la décision DCC 02-144 du 23 décembre 2002 de la Cour Constitutionnelle le spécifiait.
The adoption of the Protocol in July 2003 was undeniably an important event in the history of African women's struggle for the recognition of their rights.
Le rabbin séfarade Bakshi Doron, qui a occupé de hautes fonctions dans la hiérarchie religieuse, demande la liberté de choix et la reconnaissance du mariage civil.
The Muslim Personal Law Board (MPLB) has taken the bold decision to review practice of triple talaq in its next meeting in July, in Kanpur.
Former NDP attorney-general Marion Boyd has been appointed to review procedures that would include the use of Islamic law to settle family disputes, the Ontario government has announced.
The merits of monogamy and polygamy have come under vigorous discussion in Benin recently, with the passage of a law that encourages the first - but tolerates the second.
Changes are under way, and the focal point of reforms is Algeria's archaic family law.
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