Law reform

The government of Morocco has adopted a new landmark Family Law supporting women’s equality and granting them new rights in marriage and divorce.
The report below raises a number of questions about both the circulation of unconfirmed news and the means of ensuring gender justice in the judicial system.
This digest contains summaries of some of the key cases in which gender and culture have coincided in the British courts, mainly since the 1970s, but including some that date back to the 19th century.
70 tribunaux de famille et 500 juges spécialisés devront être prêts avant le 1er avril 2004.
L'adoption au Maroc d'une profonde réforme du droit des femmes, dans un climat de consensus politique, constitue une rare exception dans un monde musulman où la condition féminine est l'objet d'un combat acharné entre modernistes et islamistes radicaux.
These are days of agitation in the desert kingdom, and perhaps no group is more determined to push the boundaries of change than the kingdom's well-educated and articulate women.
As Iraqis wait for the establishment of a new constitution and judicial framework, so-called "tribal courts" are already administering rough justice in the south.
Le citoyen doit s'engager pour une complète application de la Moudawanna.
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