Law reform

The Algerian government has set up a commission to revise the north African country's family code to improve women's rights, an official said on Monday.
Women delegates at Afghanistan's loya jirga, or grand assembly, have accused their male colleagues of trying to leave them out of leadership positions.
Judges will give legal sanction to disputes between Muslims.
وافقت الحكومة الكويتية على السماح للمرأة بالترشح والتصويت في انتخابات المجلس المحلي. ورحب مراقبون بهذه المبادرة باعتبارها خطوة اولى لمنح المرأة الكويتية المزيد من الحريات السياسية.
Initial review of Afghanistan's Constitution.
Women for Afghan Women said it is "disappointed that Afghanistan's newly released draft constitution is weak in its affirmation of women's rights."
Est-ce pour imiter le roi du Maroc (voir J.A.I. n° 2232) que le président Bouteflika a décidé, lundi 27 octobre, de créer une commission pour la révision du Code de la famille?
Nearly 700 people with Egyptian mothers and foreign fathers have recently become Egyptian citizens.
This booklet offers a comprehensive yet concise overview of the new legal status of women in Turkey.
A draft Afghan constitution has been unveiled, setting out a new political system and defining Islam's role in the country.
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