Law reform

Lancée vendredi soir devant le Parlement par Mohammed VI, la réforme de la Moudawana révolutionne du point de vue du droit les relations entre les deux sexes.
The Moroccan King, Mohammed VI, has announced a landmark reform to the law over women's position in the family.
Le roi Mohammed VI a mis à profit le discours d'ouverture de la session parlementaire, vendredi 10 octobre, pour annoncer les grandes lignes d'un nouveau code de la famille.
The Afghan Women's Bill of Rights was drafted, signed, and presented to President Hamid Karzai by women leaders from every region of Afghanistan, who participated in the third annual conference of Women for Afghan Women (WAW).
Draft Document Charts a Course Between Islamic and Secular Values.
En attendant l’arbitrage Royal sur le projet de réforme de la Moudawana que la Commission consultative a soumis à Sa Majesté, en septembre dernier, la question continue d’animer les débats sur la scène politique.
The conference took place in the context of a surge in extremism and the presentation of the reform draft of the Moroccan Family Law “Moudawana” prepared by the consultative commission to the King.
Pakistan and the United Kingdom have agreed to set up a body in each country to assist those seeking legal assistance relating to the wrongful and illegal removal of children.
On July 11, the African Union adopted the Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa, a supplementary protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights.
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