Law reform

Investigation of the historical, legal, and socio-cultural aspects of Muslim women's status in Malaysia. This set of papers is a collection of writings, which emanated from a research project entitled MUSWAL (Muslim Women and Law), sponsored by the Women's Crisis Centre (WCC) Penang.

ناشطات أردنيات يخض سباقا مع الزمن من أجل الضغط على مجلس النواب للتراجع عن قراره بالغاء قوانين يمنحان المرأة حق طلب الطلاق.
A bill calling on Iran to join an international agreement on women's rights has been rejected by the government's supervisory body.
It will soon be 20 years that the Family law has been enforced in Algeria.
Certains chefs religieux musulmans demandent la modification du code de la famille, qu’ils jugent contraire à leurs valeurs religieuses et culturelles.
Throughout the Arab world, many women, their husbands and their children suffer hardships due to nationality laws that make it difficult or impossible for a woman married to a non-national (even an Arab or Muslim) to pass her nationality to her children.
The Civil Status Temporary Law, which raised the age of marriage for both men and women to 18 and allowed women to file for divorce, was hotly contested by many of the 110 deputies.
The Malaysian cabinet has promised to change the country's laws to discourage men from divorcing their wives by means of electronic messages.

Subtitled 'The Right of the Divorced Muslim Women to Mataa', this is the case of an Indian Sunni woman who filled a petition in the Supreme Court arguing that the Muslim minority law applied to her in her divorce denied her rights otherwise guaranteed by the Constitution of India to all citizens.

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