State control

An Agenda journal to document the papers and proceedings of the Gender, Culture and Rights workshop held in Gauteng, 1-3 February 2005.
A paper on gender rights within the framework of traditional or group cultural norms and rights by WLUML networker Rashida Manjoo, for the Agenda Special Focus: Gender, Culture and Rights.
Women human rights activists have protested in Pakistan's north-western city of Peshawar against a ban on female local election candidates.
An important UN comment/summary of the latest UN position on gender rights, due diligence, and state actors and the role of custom.
In April 2005, a 2-day forum took place in Bishkek to perform an expert social assessment of the problems of, and possibilities for, the participation of women-activists and women’s organizations in the process of stabilization in Kyrgyzstan.
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