State control

Kuwait's parliament has agreed to speed up moves towards a law to grant women the same political rights as men.
Shaken by revolutionary developments in Ukraine and Georgia, Uzbekistan is turning away from the West. Officials increasingly see the democratic ideals espoused by the USA and the European Union as "alien" and destructive for Uzbek society.
Elle avait fière allure, cette conférence de presse, ce mercredi, à la Bourse du Travail de Paris.
A review of the 12 Critical Areas of the Beijing Platform for Action which identifies future challenges and highlights existing good practices.
49e session de la Commission de la condition de la femme.
Rights groups condemn ordinances that call for harsh penalties for adultery, drinking, and premarital sex.
Habiba Sarabi, Afghanistan's former women's minister, has outlined the challenge facing her as she prepares to take charge in Bamiyan province - that would make her the country's first female provincial governor.
Prosperous and possessed of a spirited parliament, Kuwait has prided itself on being a standard setter among the Arab monarchies on the Persian Gulf. With respect to women's rights, however, today Kuwait ranks just above Saudi Arabia.
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