Violence against women

When 16-year-old Tahira was murdered in a horrific acid attack last year, her poverty-stricken parents got no justice. Pakistan officials slammed the door in their faces and the police refused to listen.

Kirstie Trup and Katie Gee, both 18 and from London, had acid thrown on their faces, chests and hands. The island's Police Commissioner Musa Ali Musa told the BBC that there was "no prime suspect" for the attack. He said that a lot of people had been questioned

Women in Iraq bear the brunt of increasing levels of gender-based violence, inadequate infrastructure and poverty. Yet women activists recognize that their struggle for equality and social justice as women cannot be separated from the wider struggle against authoritarianism and sectarianism.

يشهد اليوم إطلاق حملة عالمية جديدة لوقف الرجم. وتقوم روشيل تيرمان بتناول التاريخ المتعلق بهذة الممارسة الجندرية للعنف ضد المرأة. وفى حالة الرجم، وكما هى الحال مع كل أشكال العنف المبرر ثقافيا ضد المرأة، يكون من الصعب معرفة متى تنتهى الثقافة المجتمعية وتبدأ السياسية. >ونحن فى العام 2013، مازال النساء والرجال يتعرضون للرجم حتى الموت. ويعتبر الرجم طريقة بشعة للتعذيب،أدانها المجتمع الدولي ورفضتها الشعوب المحبة للسلام والعدالة فى جميع أنحاء العالم.

We kindly ask Arab feminist and women's organizations, in particular ,and human rights organizations, in general, to sign on this declaration in solidarity with women protesters and activists in Egypt who are breaking the walls of silence and violence that engulf all our bodies and lives. No to exclusion and intimidation of women protesters in Egypt! To begin, we salute Egyptian women who did not remain silent about the flagrant violations they are suffering.


UNITED NATIONS, Jul 16 2013 (IPS) - Despite the United Nations’ “zero tolerance” policy against sexual violence, there has been a rash of gender-based crimes in several of the world’s conflict zones, including South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Northern Uganda, Somalia, the Central African Republic – and, more recently, in politically-troubled Egypt and Syria.

Describing rape as “a weapon of war”, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the Security Council last month that sexual violence occurred wherever conflicts raged, “devastating survivors and destroying the social fabric of whole communities”.

“It was a crime under international human rights law and a threat to international peace and security,” he said.

Young women in West Africa are routinely force fed to help them find a husband, say recent reports.

Very slim women are seen as poor and unable to afford food in West African culture, and overweight women look more affluent.

As a result big is not only beautiful, but a goal that women strive towards.

The belief that so-called "honour killings" are justified continues to be common among Jordanian teenagers, a new Cambridge University study says.

The study by researchers from the university's Institute of Criminology found that almost half of boys and one in five girls interviewed in the capital, Amman, believe that killing a daughter, sister or wife who has "dishonoured" or shamed the family, is justified.

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