Violence against women

Marrying across the religious divide is still taboo in 21st-Century India.
Amnesty International lance une campagne mondiale pour mettre fin à la violence contre les femmes.
While its emergence as an important economic and political sector is lauded by many, the fact that this group is also experiencing an upsurge in cases of domestic violence against women is often ignored.
Prosecutors at the Special Court for Sierra Leone have asked the tribunal's trial chamber to amend all previously issued indictments to include a new crime against humanity - forced marriage.
Rania al-Baz's bruised and swollen face shocked the global community - and ignited an unprecedented public debate within Saudi Arabia itself over the normally taboo issue of domestic violence.
The Jordanian government imprisons women threatened with “honor” crimes rather than the male relatives who threaten them, Human Rights Watch said in a recent report.
Sory a 4 ans lorsqu'elle se fait exciser, en 1997. «Ma mère a cru me faire plaisir en "coupant" la petite. Je n'étais pas au courant», se défend le père de l'enfant.
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