Violence against women

At a time when insecurity is on the rise in Baghdad, women and girls in Baghdad told Human Rights Watch that the insecurity and fear of sexual violence or abduction is keeping them in their homes, out of schools, away from work and looking for employment.
Manifeste des femmes des quartiers.
The burgeoning incidents of rape of young women point to an increasingly common phenomenon in what are known as cites the massive housing projects that ring most of the country's large cities.
Basé à Paris, se compose d’associations de femmes issues de l’immigration ou de solidarité envers ces femmes souvent confrontées à la double précarité et à la double violence vécues par les femmes étrangères parce qu’elles sont femmes et étrangères.
A Cairo conference on how to prevent female circumcision concluded that it takes more than a law to stop the physical violation of girls.
The case of young women from Bangladeshi and Pakistani origins.
5000 people attended the first Public Declaration on FGC abandonment in Burkina Faso.
Déclaration d'abandon de l'excision par 23 villages burkinabé.
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