Violence against women

The legislature is set to pass a law banning female genital mutilation and imposing a two year jail term for offenders.
Bangladeshi women who face harassment from males lack any access to avenues of social or legal redress. The suicide of Simi Banu tragically highlights the need for the law to protect not only female ‘modesty’, but the very right to equality.
Rape survivors from Congo's 1997-1999 civil war are taking their case to court, with help from 'Doctors Without Borders', a non-governmental organisation (NGO), which carries French acronym MSF.
The Special Rapporteur is seeking information on whether and how recommendations in her reports have been implemented by governments worldwide.
Le Comité des Ministres du Conseil de l'Europe a adopté des mesures innovantes pour combattre la violence contre les femmes, engageant vivement ses 44 Etats membres à renforcer leur législation et à oeuvrer à modifier les comportements.
The rally, organised jointly by the Acid Survivors Foundation and the Bengali daily Prothom Alo, was aimed at displaying the collective shame and anger of Bangladeshi men.
A young woman has won a court battle to have her forced marriage annulled.
An Afghan woman teacher in Kandahar has been targeted in an acid-attack following a leaflet campaign in the former Taliban stronghold, according to a city official.
European Parliament motion for resolution (under Rule 50).
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