CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – A group of gunmen shot and wounded a women’s rights activist in this northern Mexican border city, civil society groups said. Norma Andrade, one of the leaders of the May Our Daughters Return Home non-governmental organization was shot several times Friday by a group of armed men while leaving work in Ciudad Juarez, the All Rights for All national network of human rights organizations said in a statement.

Ninety percent of the non-governmental organisations in Mexico are founded and run by women, says journalist and women's rights activist Lydia Cacho Ribeiro, even as crimes against women remain cloaked in impunity.

Cacho was recently in New York, where she was awarded the Civil Courage award from the Train Foundation, and also spoke at a special event hosted by Columbia University.

Marking the first time the Organization of American States’ court has heard a Mexican femicide case, the historic legal proceeding centers on the slayings of three young women who were found with five other female victims in Ciudad Juarez in 2001.
“L’origine du monde”, oeuvre photographique de l’artiste marocain Fouad Bellamine représentant un vagin et un dôme, a déclenché la colère de l’ambassadeur d’Iran au Mexique, qui a demandé son retrait d’une exposition organisée à Puebla (Mexique).
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