[violence] sexual violence

The definition of "victim" has also been expanded so that men can also file rape charges against a woman or another man, a move applauded as a breakthrough by gay rights activists.
Anti-war activist Debra McNutt argues, "It is our responsibility as Americans to stop our military's abuses of women, by ending the occupation."
An Islamist women's separatist group in Jammu and Kashmir said yesterday it would begin training Muslim women in martial arts and called on women to carry daggers to fend off sexual attacks by soldiers.
"Out of 200,000 women that were exploited as comfort women by the Japanese Imperial Army, only a few hundred are still alive. This resolution calls on the government of Japan to accept responsibility for the coercion of young
Lors d'une réunion à Tunis, le 22 juin, les dirigeants maghrébins et leurs homologues espagnols ont affirmé leur détermination à lutter contre les violences sexistes.
Human Rights organisations from across the state of Uttar Pradesh protest against the alleged mass rape in Shrawasti of 12 Muslim women.
A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission
A group of Japanese MPs have placed a full-page advertisement in The Washington Post that denies Japan's military forced up to 200,000 women into sexual slavery during World War II.
La 8e Journée médico-judiciaire a été exclusivement dédiée cette année aux violences sexuelles en Algérie.
A teenage Saudi gang-rape victim who was sentenced to 90 lashes for being alone with a man she was not related to has beseeched King Abdullah, the country's monarch, to intervene in the controversial case.
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