[violence] sexual violence

Sudan needs to deal with its dual Arab and sub-Saharan African legacy as race politics affects all citizens, from the clients of Khartoum's beauty parlours to the rape victims in Darfur.
One woman told her attorney she was forced to disrobe in front of male prison guards.
US soldiers are alleged to have abused, intimidated or sexually humiliated Iraqi women.
The Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq is treating the fate of kidnapped women as an isolated phenomenon.
Government-backed Arab militias are systematically raping and killing in Darfur region, says the UN.
The violence in Gujarat has still not ended. This is one of the conclusions of the report, "Threatened Existence: a feminist analysis of the genocide in Gujarat", by the International Initiative for Justice in Gujarat.
The UK launch of a new report by the International Initiative for Justice in Gujarat.
More than 400 Iraqi women have been kidnapped and raped amid the lawlessness gripping the country since the ouster of Saddam Hussein, the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq said Sunday.
Les femmes, au Liberia, sont les premières victimes des exactions des miliciens de tous bords.
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