Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice (WIGJ, formerly Women’s Caucus for Gender Justice) has been established in The Hague.
Millions of women work day in day out to promote peace. In the year 2005 a thousand women shall collectively receive the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts in pursuit of peace.
Des millions de femmes s’engagent quotidiennement pour promouvoir la paix.
The conference will bring together academics, lawyers, judges, activists and researchers to meet, interact with and consider the catastrophic consequences of deadly armed conflict.
Including the struggle of the women of Chagos, an example for the world-wide women’s movement.
23 April 2002

Thank you for inviting me here to give a Palestinian perspective on the Role of the International Community in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In fact, the perspective I will be speaking from is that of human rights. I consider myself to be a human being first, and my ideology is human rights.
The World Court on War as Crime will listen to women and men mostly from the global south who have been victims of and survived wars and conflict.
An interview with Hanadi Loubani, founding member of Women for Palestine, a feminist, anti-racist Palestinian solidarity group.

Papers from the 'teach-in' organised by Act Together, Southall Black Sisters, Women Against Fundamentalisms, Women in Black (London), Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and WLUML, held on 8 September 2002 at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, UK.

This portal provides background information and timely updates on the impact of armed conflict on women and women’s role in peace-building.
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