This issue, with an improved format, features the addition of 'Activists Reflections', which present a selection of the articles we received in response to our online Call for Submissions. Reflecting the transnational nature and philosophy of the WLUML network, the articles and reports included in this newsletter range from Growing Talibanisation in Pakistan to Expanding International Legal Protections for Victims of Gender-Based Violence in Iraqi Kurdistan and the lobbying of the Gambian Committee Against Traditional Practices.

For more than two decades, feminists have discussed the impact and mechanics of extreme right politico-religious forces and shared strategies of resistance against fundamentalisms. But, as feminists, we have yet to develop a coherent analysis of the concrete alternatives. Yet we need such an analysis in order to move beyond resistance and be more pro-active in our advocacy for an alternative vision of society.


by: Cassandra Balchin

Cette publication est une transcription des travaux de la Réunion sur les Interprétations du Coran par les Femmes en 1990. Elle présente les analyses et le travail élaboré par des groupes de militantes actives, des érudites en droit musulman, des juristes et des historiennes de la jurisprudence. Leur effort de critique fondamentale entame le processus d'une nouvelle approche de l'interprétation coranique, réaffirmant le droit des femmes à lire et interpréter le Coran pour elles-mêmes.

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