The Ajoka Theatre company staged a satirical play, "Burqavaganza", in Lahore earlier this month using the image of the burqa as a metaphor for the double standards which exist in contemporary Pakistani society. Following protests from Islamist politicians, the play has now been banned.
Rights activists, feminists, and concerned citizens demonstrated in four Pakistani cities yesterday, denouncing the recent examples of a 'Talibanization' of the country.
Islamic clerics at a radical mosque in Pakistan's capital have demanded the tourism minister be fired for hugging a foreign man, saying she committed a "great sin."
Pro-Taliban clerics and their followers at a mosque in the Pakistani capital on Thursday released three woman they had held for days after accusing them of running a brothel.
In an apparent anti-vice crackdown, Islamist students took the law into their own hands and abducted an alleged brothel owner along with her daughter, daughter-in-law and infant granddaughter.
Women activists and civil society members in Pakistan issue a public statement on the gender-based killing of the Punjab provincial Minister of Social Welfare.
Zille Huma killed by man previously held in connection with the brutal murder of four sex workers.
The 'Anti-Women Practices Bill' seeks to make illegal forced marriages and depriving women of their inheritance rights.
Women's rights activists demand Pakistan state authorities ensure justice for a teenage girl who has been kidnapped, raped and forced to parade naked publicly.
Six men have been arrested on a charge of raping a teenaged girl and forcing her to parade naked through her village near Ubaro because one of her relatives had eloped with a young woman from the men’s family.
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