[fund] persecution of opposition

Tarek Fatah of The Muslim Chronicle writes, "Amir Hassanpour and Shahrzad Mojab are associate professors at the University of Toronto. Amir teaches Middle Eastern Civilizations while Shahrzad is director of the Women and Gender Studies Institute."
The village, dubbed the 'Widow Farm' by locals, is sponsored by the Thai royal family and is currently home to the widows of 103 men killed during the insurgency in three Muslim-majority southern provinces - Narathiwat, Yala and Pattani.
Samira Munir, Norwegian politician of Pakistani origin, died in mysterious circumstances on 14/11/05. Police hinted it may have been suicide. This is not impossible, but she received many death threats during her fight for the rights of Muslim women.
In part one of this series Dyala Hamzah and myself (Farish A Noor) looked at the structural factors that have inhibited the growth and development of a public sphere in the contemporary Muslim world.
Pakistani human rights lawyer and UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion and Belief, Asma Jehangir, during her recent visit to Dhaka, was interviewed on the state of the religious minorities, specially Ahmadiyyas vis-a-vis human rights.
WLUML is extremely relieved to learn of Dr. Abbasgholizadeh’s release, on bail, on 1st December 2004.
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