[fund] resisting fundamentalisms

Asmau Joda is a Muslim woman activist from Nigeria. Until recently she was the Africa Coordinator of the WLUML network.
When Judge Hamoud al-Hitar announced that he and four other Islamic scholars would challenge Yemen's Al Qaeda prisoners to a theological contest, Western antiterrorism experts warned that this high-stakes gamble would end in disaster.
The National Council for Women has been one of the strongest advocates for legal reform that effectively promotes and upholds the rights of women throughout Egypt.
As feminists we need to remind ourselves ... patriarchy is alive & well and ... constantly finding new and innovative ways to re-invent itself. Patriarchy is about power. Fundamentalism too is about power and control, often in collusion with patriarchy.
Morocco is a country attempting to modernise its human rights, especially for women, who have lagged far behind - while not alienating conservative Muslims.
Les femmes sont les premières à en faire les frais. Moi, fille d'immigrés, pour l'égalité et la laïcité.
Religious and community leaders say that past resentments have now given way to a national identity in which Lebanon's multi-confessionalism is key.
The coalition demands revocation of invitation to Indian politician accused of Gujarat pogrom.
The second part of Malaysia’s home-grown Taliban: is this the future of ‘moderate’ Islam in Malaysia?
Is this the future of 'Moderate' Islam in Asia? (Part One) by Farish A. Noor
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